Our students competed in the South Carolina Beta Convention with 5,400 others! Everyone who placed has been invited to compete nationally! A special congratulations to the following:
🏆 Book Battle: Team: Alyssa B, Jane R, Emma B (students had to read an additional 20 books – different from SCISA): 2nd place
🏆 Jane R – 8th grade Language Arts: 3rd place
🏆 Teaghan C – 6th grade Social Students: 5th place
🏆 Eric T – 7th grade Social Studies: CHAMPION!
🏆 Quiz Bowl: Team: Emma B, Eric T, Clara L, and Teaghan C – CHAMPIONS!
🏆 Engineering (STEM): Team: Jane R, Alyssa B, Nathan W, Reagan H, and Sebastian V: 5th place