Fine Arts

Perpetual Adoration Chapel

Marilyn Alber, Fine Arts Teacher

   Fine art has been a major part of my life, both as a student and   an educator, and I have gained experience in a wide range of media.     Twelve years of teaching elementary and middle school art   has left me with a wealth of inspiration that has greatly influenced  my   work more than anything, I feel that my art is a reflection of me,   and I am rewarded by the joy that it brings to others.

The Art Program at Prince of Peace uses Arts Attack to teach K5-8th grade the fundamentals of art and creative expression.  This curriculum covers the elements and principles of art, drawing techniques, artist appreciation, art history, multicultural art, and self-expression.  

We start in K4 with the most basic lessons, and foundations of art.  The students learn how to properly hold art supplies, sign their names, and use shapes and colors.   Once they are introduced to these things, they are ready to create little masterpieces in Kindergarten.  

Every year, we build upon the skills learned in the prior art classes so that by the time they reach the 8th grade, the students will be able to freely create fine art using the techniques and skills they have developed.  They are given the space to be imaginative and choose their own creative avenues based on concrete principles and guided lessons. 

Not only do the kids create beautiful art pieces, they have fun doing it.  The students are taught by a curriculum, but most importantly, our goal is to inspire the inner artist and pure imagination within each individual child so that they leave class feeling like they have learned something new and could express themselves in a unique way.

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