What is the Good News?

The primary way the school releases important information to the school body.      Please subscribe and you can view past issues for signup link on the Good News page. 

What is the Facts Family Portal District Code?


What is the Earliest I Can Drop Off in the Morning?

Elementary ONLY – 7:55 am- 8:10
Middle School- 7:35-7:45
Middle WITH Elementary siblings- 7:45-7:55

*TARDY at 8:15 must come into front office with parent to sign in*

What if I Cannot Pay My Bill on the Due Date?

FACTS sends out a notice 5 days before your due date notifying you that money will be pulled from your account.  Three business days before your due date, FACTS sends your billing information to the Federal Reserve to process.  If you need to change your due date, the latest it can be changed without incurring any fees is 3 business days before your due date.  Please contact the Bookkeeper at karen.roman@popcatholicschool.org to process any changes to your account.

How Will AfterCare/Lunch be Billed?

FACTS has two types of billing, tuition and incidental billing.  Tuition is billed monthly based on the tuition plan that was chosen at enrollment.  Incidental billing is for other incidental charges such as field trips, car signs, club fees, lunch, and aftercare.  Lunch and aftercare are billed twice a month.  For days dated the 1st-15th, accounts will be charged on the 16th with a due date of the 30th/31st.  For days dated the 16th-30th/31st, accounts are charged on the 1st with a due date of the 15th.  Please contact the Bookkeeper at karen.roman@popcatholicschool.org if you have any questions about billing.

What if I Need to Make a Change to My Tuition Schedule?

Unexpected expenses can happen to anyone.  Rather than incur late fees and returned payment fees, please contact the Bookkeeper at karen.roman@popcatholicschool.org to arrange an adjustment to your tuition schedule.

How Could We Get Connected to Make Sure We Have Our Student's Sacraments?

Our pastoral associate for children’s catechesis Maria Barontini is ready to help out. Just email her at maria.barontini@princeofpeacetaylors.org.

Does My Student Need to Wear a Uniform?

Yes. We have a uniform exchange at the school office if you ever want to come see what the uniform looks like. It’s free to the parents and we just ask that you take two at a time and donate back.  Parents can order online at Reads Uniforms or the Tommy Hilfiger global schoolwear website, just enter the school code PRIN01 in the search bar on main page. They have sales several times a year that we will post on the Good News. 

Why do I have a charge for something I already paid for?

Sometimes you will see a charge for a car tag or incidental but we are just showing that for accounting purposes. The cash will be applied to that charge. You aren’t getting double charged.

What does it mean to be an active parishioner?

Active Parishioner Status-Determination and Application Policy

To determine whether a family is an active parishioner a rolling audit will be conducted by the church office.  Every 6 months, an attendance percentage will be calculated using the envelopes received at Mass on Sundays and on Holy Days of Obligation.  This percentage will be communicated to the school families via letter. If a family thinks there is a mistake in their Mass attendance calculation, they will have two weeks to bring this to the church office’s attention. 

Families that have missed Mass due to special circumstances must communicate with Father Smith to receive an exception for that occurrence; exceptions are made at Father Smith’s discretion. 

Envelopes received at Mass are calculated as one Mass attended.  Dropping multiple envelopes at one Mass is still calculated as one Mass attended.  If you have forgotten your envelope, you are encouraged to use an “oops” envelope located in the narthex.

For the 2023-2024 school year, audits for the time periods 6/5/22-1/1/23 and 1/2/23-6/4/23 will determine whether a school family has met the 75% attendance requirement.  

Any family below the required 75% attendance will be billed at the non-parishioner tuition rate for the entire school year

While a family will not lose any financial aid allotted during the audit, additional financial aid will not be issued to cover any increase in tuition. 

The next audit will include the time period of 6/5/23-1/1/24.  To determine the tuition for the re-enrollment period in January for the 2024-2025 school year, the 1/2/23-6/4/23 and 6/5/23-1/1/24 audits will be used to determine active parishioner status.  It is the church office’s responsibility to provide the audit to the school in a timely manner.

If a school family falls below the 75% attendance rate, the active parishioner rate can be regained by increasing Mass attendance during the next audit period of 1/2/24-6/4/24.  Failure to achieve the 75% attendance by 6/4/24 will result in tuition being billed at the non-parishioner rate for the following school year.

Please refer to the “Receiving Active Parishioner Discount at Prince of Peace Catholic School 2023-2024 School Year” form located in Resource Documents under the Family Portal in FACTS.

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