Academic Support

At Prince of Peace Catholic School, we provide assistance to students with diagnosed and professionally documented learning differences or disabilities.

These services are coordinated through our Learning Support Teachers and include:

progress monitoring and screening throughout the school year, identifying priority learning needs for individual students, Implementing appropriate interventions and classroom accommodations, and ensuring consistent communication between the administration, teachers, and the parents of the child being served.

Additionally, our Learning Support Teacher works with children, families, and teachers to insure that students with learning differences have an optimum learning environment for high achieving classroom performance.

Our support program is centered on the individual needs of children with learning differences. Part of this role is to oversee student assessments (DIBELS, MAP, STAR) which help us uncover the symptoms of learning differences early, to organize and review the data for parents and teachers, and then to monitor student progress as needed throughout the year.

 The role of the Learning Support Teacher is to make sure the needs of your child are being met in the classroom, and to advocate for your child to ensure they are receiving the best education at Prince of Peace Catholic School.

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