School Advisory Council

The purpose of the School Advisory Council is to advise the pastor and the principal on the educational needs of the school. It is consultative in vote and advisory in function.

Its responsibilities include:

  • Acting as liaison with appropriate public authorities.
  • Promoting understanding and support of Catholic education in the community.
  • Assisting the pastor and principal in evaluating the effectiveness of the educational programs.
  • Interpreting policies and directives from the Catholic Schools Office or any of the administrative offices of the Bishop of Charleston
  • Assisting with local policy relating to planning, operating and maintaining the facilities and equipment.
  • Assisting with the preparation and implementation of the school’s operating budget, and coordinating the budget with the parish and school finance committees.  (This includes assisting with tuition rates.)
  • Assisting with the promotion, development and advancement of the school to ensure sufficient enrollment for the operation of the school.
  • Meeting monthly from August to May.
Prince of Peace School Advisory Council
Member Roster 2023-24
  • Fr. Christopher Smith: Pastor

  • Nathan Barontini: Principal

  • Anne Richardson: SAC Chair

  • Megan Carter: SAC Secretary

  • Jamie Avery: Faculty representative

  • Liz Burgdorf: Co-Chair of Marketing/Enrollment

  • Kirk Smith: Co-Chair of Marketing/Enrollment

  • Anne Richardson: Interim Chair of Catholic Identity

  • David Cervetti: Chair of Strategic Planning

  • Bernie Ferrone: Parish representative; member of Finance Council

  • Kylee Heap: Communications Director; member of Marketing/Enrollment

  • Lee McGrath: Chair of Finance

  • Kevin McGuirt: Co-Chair of Technology

  • Jennifer Bunecke: Co-Chair of Technology

  • Bob Whitley: Parish representative; member of Strategic Planning

  • Kate Witherspoon: PTO President

  • Alex Zuendt: Chair of Facilities and Security

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