Frequently Sought Links:
  • Our 2023-24 At-A-Glance Calendar is available here with a full Academic Calendar here.
  • If you’re seeking the Active Parishioner Discount, you should complete and return the Active Parishioner Form and provide your envelope at 75% of all Sunday and Holy Day Masses. Learn what constitutes Active Parishioner Status here.
  • Parishioners and school families are invited to request meals to be organized when in need through Mrs Jennifer Pfaffl by email.
  • Give (or invite someone) to the Annual Fund here. 45% of families received tuition assistance in 2023-24.
  • Uniforms can be purchased at Global Schoolwear (Tommy Hilfiger) or at Read’s Uniform Store (30 Orchard Park Drive). French Toast can be used for non-logo items. Uniform items must have the pelican & keys. Donate or select items (limit 2 uniforms/student) from our Uniform Exchange!
  • POP logo mugs, pint glasses, magnets and more are sold here.
  • Submit your volunteer time! Families are expected to complete volunteer hours/year (10 hours for K3 & K4 parents; 20 hours for K5-8th grade parents). There is an option to payout hours in a donation of $10/hr.  Submit completed hours under the Mother’s name in your FACTS account.
  • New to volunteering? First, email the school office expressing your desire to volunteer. You will receive a link to complete a Background Check from the Diocese. Then, login (create a profile) HERE to complete 3 trainings, receive 3 certificates, and email them to Mrs Liz Burgdorf. 1) Safe Haven Online Training Certificate, 2) Vulnerable Adult Training Certificate, and 3) Establishing Appropriate Boundaries: Safe Side of the Line Certificate.

Frequently Requested Contacts:

  • Our phone number is 864.971.4POP (4767). Email is the best way to reach the parish school.
  • After Care can be reached at 864.331.3922. This program typically runs 3.30-6p on regular school days.
  • Running late? Leaving early? Need assistance? Email the Office Manager Mrs Michelle Zimmerman and copy the Receptionist Mrs Liz Burgdorf.
  • Financial questions or concerns? Email Ms Karen Roman*contact Ms Roman as soon as you’re aware of a concern; she can only adjust a payment schedule in advance of the deadline
  • Health concerns? Email the School Nurse.
Hours and Visiting Policy:
  • Our normal parish school office hours are 8a-3.15p on Monday-Friday. All visitors must check-in at the front office and may only visit the approved destination of their visit. It is a safety and fire violation to navigate the school without permission. Students who have received permission to leave their classroom are not allowed to open doors to visitors. To schedule time to meet with your child’s teacher, contact that teacher directly.