In 2020, Pope Francis declared the Year of St. Joseph and with that, it seemed St. Joseph found our family. Joseph walked alongside our family through hard, challenging and beautiful moments of early 2020 (before the pandemic even hit!). Joseph was Dan’s confirmation Saint, so he’d been familiar with his gentleness, fortitude, and strength for sometime, but in 2020 our family devotion to St. Joseph began. His feast is almost always in the middle of lent – a welcomed feast day to celebrate in our opinion!!

In case you didn’t know, Saint Joseph is well known as the head of the Holy Family. He is silent in scripture, yet, spoken words are not needed for us to understand what a godly man Joseph was. 

Here is what Pope Benedict XVI says of Joseph’s silence: “The silence of Saint Joseph is given a special emphasis. His silence is steeped in contemplation of the mystery of God in an attitude of total availability to divine desires. It is a silence thanks to which Joseph, in unison with Mary, watches over the Word of God, known through the Sacred Scriptures, continuously comparing it with the events of the life of Jesus; a silence woven of constant prayer, a prayer of blessing of the Lord, of the adoration of His holy will and of unreserved entrustment to his providence. It is no exaggeration to think that it was precisely from his “father” Joseph that Jesus learned… Let us allow ourselves to be “filled” with Saint Joseph’s silence! In a world that is often too noisy, that encourages neither recollection nor listening to God’s voice.”  

Saint Joseph is the guardian and patron of the Universal Church, as well as of many causes including workers, fathers, and a happy death, due to the tradition that he died in Jesus and Mary’s arms.

“Inspired by the Gospel, the Fathers of the Church from the earliest centuries stressed that just as St. Joseph took loving care of Mary and gladly dedicated himself to Jesus Christ’s upbringing, he likewise watches over and protects Christ’s Mystical Body, that is, the Church.” – POPE ST. JOHN PAUL II

How to celebrate this simple, yet powerful Saint on his feast day:

  1. Zeppole di San Giuseppe! Also known as creme puffs have traditionally been linked to St. Joseph! One legend has it that when St. Joseph took the Holy Family to Egypt, he was out of work (there isn’t much wood there), so he had to find some way of supporting his family. Naturally, he took to selling street food, and sweet pastries were his best-seller! We found ours at Harris Teeter, but check out Beard Papa’s on Woodruff for unique creme puffs or make them at home
  2. Build something! St. Joseph was a carpenter, so build something with blocks, magnatiles, legos or wood today. Wanna kick it up a notch? This weekend, plan to build a birdhouse to prepare for spring in honor of St. Joseph. 
  3. Pasta Alla Tavola! St. Joseph’s Day Pasta, also called Sawdust Pasta or Carpenter’s Pasta, made with bread crumbs  sautéed in butter to resemble wood sawdust.   Cheese isn’t used, symbolic of the food shortage experienced in the origin legend of the tradition. This family even dumps pots of pasta directly on the table and enjoys it with their hands! Nothing easier than buttered noodles on a weeknight! Learn even more, here!
  4. Charades! Did you know St. Joseph never speaks in the Bible? A man of few words, yet bold actions. “At the moment of Joseph’s own ‘annunciation’ he said nothing; instead he simply ‘did as the angel of the Lord commanded him.” St. John Paul the Great. Try your hand at silently communicating over a game of charades after dinner. What a wonderful opportunity to teach our children how actions speak louder than words. Find Catholic Charades online! “When you invoke St. Joseph, you don’t have to speak much. You know your Father in Heaven knows what you need; well, so does His friend St. Joseph.” “Tell him, ‘If you were in my place, St. Joseph, what would you do? Well, pray for this in my behalf.’” St. Andre Bessette
  5. Feast a little! St. Joseph’s feast is almost always in the middle of the Lenten season giving us an opportunity to have a small celebration of sorts. Break your Lenten fast today in his honor.  
  6. Pray to Him! We found this sweet, accessible 33-day consecration guide and have been using it this Lenten season to prepare for his feast day. Our children have surprised us with their answers to “how we can live our faith, trust the Lord and be generous with others?” If you missed the novena this time, no worries! St. Joseph has another feast day, May 1st. The next consecration begins March 29th!
  7. The Litany of St. Joseph! What a powerful prayer! As you pray, sit with some of his titles a little longer. Pray for his intercession. May we all grow a little stronger, wiser and patient as we get to know him better. Looking for inspiration? find a print from local artist, Heather Burgess here
  8. Come to 7p Mass on Tuesday, 19 March with your bread to be blessed! 

“Go to Joseph. 

Get to know Joseph and you will find Jesus. 

Talk to Joseph and you will find Mary.” 

St. Josemaria Escriva