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After Care Program

Our After Care Program is a nurturing and enriching environment designed to support the needs of both students and parents beyond the regular school hours. Prince of Peace Catholic School understands the importance of continuity in a child’s day and the convenience that working parents require. Our program is tailored to provide a safe, engaging, and supportive space for students in grades K3-8, fostering a seamless transition from school to after-school activities.

Mission: Our mission is to create a caring and stimulating environment that promotes the holistic development of each child. We aim to extend the educational experience beyond classroom hours by offering a blend of recreational, educational, and social activities, fostering personal growth, creativity, and social interactions.

Program Highlights:

  • Supervised Environment: Our after care program is staffed by experienced and trained professionals who prioritize the safety and well-being of every child. They provide a nurturing atmosphere where students can relax and engage in age-appropriate activities.

  • Homework Support: We offer dedicated time for students to complete their homework assignments with the assistance of staff members who provide guidance and support as needed.

  • Enriching Activities: From arts and crafts to sports and games, our program offers a variety of activities that cater to diverse interests. These activities not only entertain but also encourage teamwork, critical thinking, and creativity.

  • Snack and Relaxation: After a busy school day, students have the opportunity to enjoy a nutritious snack and unwind in a comfortable setting. This relaxation time is crucial for recharging before engaging in afternoon activities.

  • Social Skill Development: Our program promotes social interactions, helping students develop essential interpersonal skills such as communication, empathy, and cooperation. Group activities and team-based projects create a platform for forming new friendships.

  • Parent Communication: We maintain open lines of communication with parents to ensure alignment between the after care program and the individual needs of each student. Our coordinators can be reached in after care at 864.331.3922.

Schedule: Our after care program operates from 3.30p to 6p on school days, following the academic calendar. We offer flexible options, including full-week and specific-day enrollments, to accommodate the unique schedules of families. Last minute accomodations are available, too!

In case of inclement weather, please refer to POP Catholic School postings on WYFF4 and WSPA7 and FACTS.  If school is canceled or dismissed early, After Care will not be in operation.  In case of inclement weather during the After Care session, please watch for a communication alert for information on the closing of the After Care Program.

Cost: The cost is $7 for the first 30 minutes and $7/hour thereafter with a cap of $21/day. This fee is payable through FACTS.

All parents are encouraged to explain the After Care program to their child, even if they expect to never use it. Emergencies happen. If your child expects that there could be a time when they stay in our wonderful After Care program, then their transition will be made easier! Taking this step will proactively ease the mind of your child(ren) in an unexpected situation! 


Each day we offer meals by ordering online through our FACTS family portal.  At times during the year, we have specialty lunches to celebrate things the students accomplish.   If you are interested in being a sponsor by being recognized in the Good News, you can let Michelle know by emailing her here.   Being a “lunch buddy” is a great way to get volunteer hours for your required yearly amount.  Please reach out to Michelle through her email here to let her know when you are available to help out.  

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